About Ortega74

I am an Ortega Highway commuter just like you. I spend 1.5 - 2.5 hours in traffic each way; or more and you know what I'm talking about. That adds up to 3-5+ hours daily on the road. That is a long day!

Every morning before leaving home and work, I would start the routine. I'm sure some or all of this is your routine as well.

  1. Open CHP traffic. Check not just one traffic feed, but three! Inland, Orange and Border.
  2. Check Google Maps.
  3. Check Waze for the most updated traffic that has user fed data.
  4. Check Ortega Highway Commuters Group on Facebook for any updates.

I wanted to try my best to aggregate these data sources to make this easier before each long trek over the mountain. I figured that other Ortegans could also benefit from the tools to help get the information as quickly as possible.

I wanted to integrate our Facebook Group feed into the site, however the Facebook APIs have recently changed. Because it is a private group and I am not an admin, I cannot add the feed. When their APIs change, I will try and integrate here as well.

CHP Traffic Feed: Sr74 is a long stretch of road. You can drive from San Juan Capistrano to the Palm Dessert on the (apprx) 119 mile stretch. I've put filters in place to minimize the possibility of incidents that are not in our stretch. The algorithm checks a proximity border using coordinates to put it in a box of sorts. The feed and data may not always be perfect and some irrelevant information may find its way into the feed. Over time, the additional filters I put in place will help make the feed better.

If you have any additional feedback on improving this site to make it more useful, please let me know. If you like this site, please support by clicking on the ads and making a purchase. I make a small commission from each sale. I have costs to keep this site up and running (domain purchases, web servers, software, etc.).

Your mutual and tired commuter,
Brandon Orth